Reduce the amount of tax you pay!


Invest in your yourself by ensuring your Tax Depreciation Schedule is in place on your Investment?

Just how?….Over the next few months Real Property Matters would like to

1. Are you considering a Tax Depreciation Schedule?

2. What do you risk by leaving it?

3. Is now the time to spend money to improve your property?

After over 9,500 clients and 12,510 completed depreciation schedules, the total RPM depreciation claims have now exceeded $2,805,850,131….. REAL PROPERTY MATTERS KNOW THIS THIS STUFF!

While every investment property and return are different, Real Property Matters guarantee that their total claimable deductions between capital loss and annual depreciation WILL BE 4 TIMES our fee……IF NOT, there will be no charge for our service.

What do I risk leaving it? to find out more we have the Flyer from Real Property Matters  explaining more to you. Let us know and we can forward it to you.

Remember Real Property Matters report commences when your tenant starts paying rent, not when we look at your property.

The RPM team cannot wait to help make it happen .